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About Graphi Studio The Company

Thanks to the continuous innovations and development of Graphistudio, the company has been recognised as the prime mover in the wedding photography market. It was not only the first in Italy but also in the world to introduce digital print technology to the wedding photography market. It was also the first to develop specific software for the graphic paging up process and also the first to create the method of book binding of the wedding photography combining it with another first in being able to personalise the album cover by printing directly onto silk the newlywed names and their image. It undoubtedly has been the first company to launch the personalised memory book for every family both nationally and internationally.

A Graphi Wedding Book (Album)

A Graphi wedding book is the result of a new approach to wedding photography, its originality comes from:

  • professional graphic design
  • digital print
  • technology
  • bookbinding
  • personalized covers
  • sleeve's
  • and the opportunity to have different copies in different formats.

The combination in this book of artistic and technological first's create a result of unmatchable product. It can be considered the newest milestone for wedding photography.

Instead of the normal wedding album where photographic prints are stuck in a one-off format, Graphistudio has patented a binding technique that allows full double page panoramic printing with no cracks or seams down the middle. Instead a subtle fold allows page in the book to be laid flat. At the same time the book can be produced in several formats ranging from large to pocket size depending on the newlyweds requirements. Even the cover is printed directly with indelible inks that can be combined with a variety of different materials.

Click here to go an example of an existing Alan Schofield Graphi Book layout